Sometimes you bling like there’s no tomorrow, and sometimes you go the more sedate stainless steel route. German company Cobra Technology & Lifestyle has chosen to go with the latter for the new Hyundai Santa Fe, offering a series of stainless-steel dress up items that show what can be done to dress up the third-gen SUV.

There’s a high-gloss 60 mm diameter tubular front guard, and auxiliary high-beam headlights – in a ready-to-install kit – can be added to the mix. Alternatively, there’s the Cityguard, which is also made of 60 mm tubing, but is centrally attached to the underside of the front apron.

Elsewhere, there are rocker panel guards, and options vary from custom-tailored high-gloss stainless-steel units to running boards with ribbed surfaces or an aluminium option.

To cap it all off, the rear end can be dressed up with four chrome exhaust tips, which replace the stock items. Whatever it is, it’s all less in-your-face than the Grandiose kit for the Audi R8, for sure.