The 3-Series hatchback is back! These are incredibly clear spyshots of the upcoming BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo, the younger brother to the F07 5 GT. Our European spy photographer managed to snap these while the car was being photographed for promotional purposes.

The car you see above has a ‘Line’ badge on the front fender, and by the looks of the satin aluminium treatment on various parts of the car as well as the brown-ish paint we’re assuming this is a 3-Series GT done up as a Modern Line. Something new that we’ve never seen on the current crop of BMWs is a little boomerang shaped vent aft of the front wheels.

The other car we see here in this spy photo set is an M-Sport version of the 3-Series GT. In place of the Line badging on the front fender is a tiny little M badge, and the car also has noticeably larger disc brakes compared to the Modern Line car, complete with big blue calipers.

The front end styling is pretty similar to that of the regular F30 M Sport. It’s one of the most edgy we’ve seen on an M-Sport car in this current generation, a look typically reserved for full fledged M cars, but we know this is probably an M-Sport as the front bumper main air intake is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, a signature of M Sport rather than full M which is the other way around – wide at the bottom and narrower at the top.

If the formula that BMW used with the 5-Series GT is to be followed, the 3-Series GT is likely going to have a longer wheelbase than the regular 3-Series Sedan/Touring model, probably something like the long wheelbase 3-Series that’s on sale in China.

The rear hatch will also have a dual-opening. The short deck of the boot lid also seems to be able to be raised – this may very well be some kind of integrated retractable rear spoiler like what the MINI Coupe has – for active aerodynamics.

What do you think – will a car like the BMW 3-Series GT sell in Malaysia?