Something winged, and smart at that. In cooperation with fashion designer Jeremy Scott, smart has transformed a fortwo electric drive into what’s called the smart forjeremy, replete with wings.

Yes, wings. Apparently, the appendage is a familiar trademark of the American designer, and those on the car – which made its first appearance at the LA Auto Show – light up like igniting rockets to form avantgarde rear lights.

Aside from them wings, which are made of transparent fibreglass and decorated with rocket-shaped elements that light up red, unique design cues include wider rear tyres and rear wheel arches. To boot, the wheel rims are shaped like aeroplane propellers. Well, why not, since there are already wings.

White and chrome are the primary shades, as you might have noticed from the photos, not just outside but inside the car as well.

White nappa leather adorns the instrument panel, seats and door trim, while chrome is to be found on the main door trim, closing handles, the side boomerangs of the instrument panel and the characteristic rings on the dashboard instruments.

And in case you think it’s just a one-off, it isn’t – word has it that the smart forjeremy will be launched next year as a limited special edition. Haute couture statement, anyone?