It’s been rumoured for a long time, but now it’s official – the BMW 3-Series Coupe no longer exists – in it’s place is a new model called the BMW 4-Series Coupe. A long line of 2-door 3-Series Coupes have now ended – a total of 5 generations since the first E21 3-er.

In fact, if you think about it the 3-Series actually began as a 2-door only model with the E21, and only added a sedan body with the E30. This rename exercise is in line with the coupe counterpart to 5-er being the 6 Series. The 1-er Coupe is also said to be planned to be eventually renamed to the 2-Series with the next generation, but that’s a story for another day. Today we’re looking at the new 4-er.

The new F32 4-Series is built on the 3-Series platform, and shares the F30’s 2,810mm wheelbase, which is about 50mm longer than the E92. Front track is now 1,545mm which is 45mm wider than before, and rear track has been widened by 80mm – it’s now 1,593mm. At 1,826 mm wide, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe is 44 mm broader than its predecessor, its roof line is 16 mm lower (1,362 mm) and it is also longer (4,641 mm).

This concept is done in a paintjob called Liquid Metal Silver. We wonder how much of the looks will reach the production version, as from what we’ve seen in the past the BMW Concept Gran Coupe didn’t exactly translate 100% into the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe. There’s lots of nice chrome and satin detailing in just the right amount, and the huge gaping intakes on the front bumper look absolutely menacing.

New to the BMW design language are the new “Air Breather” vents, which BMW says are aerodynamically functional apertures behind the front wheels. We first saw this on the spy photos of the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo that we featured earlier this week. It works in tandem with the Air Curtain to ensure reduction in drag around the wheels.

The full-LED headlights are a hexagonal, techno-looking take on the customary BMW twin circular design. The corona rings extend as a optical fibre light bar into the kidney grilles, which also have exposed sides like the F30’s. This helps the front end look broader.

The interior is similar to the F30 3-Series. For this concept, BMW Individual has lent their hand in giving the interior surfaces a special touch. The colour scheme you see here is two-tone Black and Schiaparelli Brown trim. This exclusive BMW Individual trim uses sustainably tanned leather. The wood trim is called Natural Chestnut.

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