The 2012 edition of the annual Sepang 1000km Endurance Race that happened last weekend was won by Proton R3 Motorsports Racing Team, which dominated proceedings and clinched a 1-2 finish at the Sepang International Circuit.

Fresh from winning the 2012 Malaysian Super Series Championship (MSS), R3’s Satria Neo driven by Shafiq Ali and Morio Nitta won the race, followed by the division’s Prevé, piloted by James Veerappan and Masedenial Ali.

Type R Racing Team’s Toyota Corolla Altis completed the podium. Type R are the defending champs and were looking for a hattrick of S1K wins after taking the inaugural race in 2009. JC Racing’s Suzuki Swift came in fourth, ahead of the first of Honda Malaysia’s Jazz race cars.

Shafiq Ali and Super GT driver Nitta completed 181 laps in 8 hours 25 minutes 6.699 seconds, concluding a memorable year for the team. The former was crowned MSS overall champion for the Malaysian Touring Car Challenge category last month with teammate James Veerapan after winning four of five rounds this season.

James, who partnered rookie Masedenial Ali Maskamal Khan in the R3 Prevé, secured second place after completing 180 laps in 8 hours 26 minutes 55.674 seconds.

Team R3 viewed S1K, an endurance race, as a true test of reliability and strength, whilst the MSS victory was more of a test of speed and handling for both Neo and Prevé race cars. Two out of two equals to a perfect 2012 for the team. Good job guys!

Photos thanks to Valen Foong and Gary Lee.