panamera render 1

It hasn’t been around the block that long, Porsche’s Panamera, but it does feel like it, what with variants of the form popping up every year or so. It’s about now that a midlife facelift should be due for the Type 970, but no intimation of it yet.

In any case, the second-generation car – to be underpinned by the Modular Standard Platform, (or MSB from the German term) – looks to be due sometime around 2015 or 2016, and some idea of how things will shape up has already been volunteered by the Panamera Sport Turismo concept that was showcased in Paris last year.

panamera render 2

Supposedly, reports say a shooting brake/sporty wagon Panamera will reach showrooms in 2016, and production is expected to take place alongside the successor to the current Panamera.

Meanwhile, Theophilus Chin has come up with a couple of renderings suggesting what the next Panamera may look like. He does however believe that the eventual car will have a different trunk design to his renderings. We think the car looks pretty sharp – what do you think about the form?