The Toyota Avalon is certainly one of the best looking Toyota sedans that I’ve seen recently, and it’s also one of the first cars to debut with a refined version of Toyota’s next generation front face, which has since been implemented on cars like the new Auris, the new RAV4 and the Corolla Furia concept.

The Avalon sits in a segment that’s not generally sold in Malaysia – it’s a size up from the Camry. Such a car would be priced in the RM200k segment where compact luxury executives like the C-Class are sold, so naturally it wouldn’t make sense to introduce here. It’s competitors in the US are cars like the Ford Taurus. A car in that segment was once sold in Malaysia – the Hyundai Azera.

Anyway, if you haven’t got enough reading about the Toyota Avalon with our debut story, here’s a series of videos that Toyota USA has uploaded to their YouTube account. You’ll find one of them above, with the rest of them after the jump.

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