UPDATE: Euromobil has officially launched the Audi A6 Hybrid in Malaysia for RM280k

A batch of what appears to be the Audi A6 Hybrid has been caught on camera while being transported by truck. Eagle eyed reader Derek Liang spotted the covered Audis on the KESAS highway departing Port Klang, and the amount of cars being ferried suggests that a launch is imminent.

How do we know that it is the A6 Hybrid? In one of the pics, the covering is open at the rear, strategically where the “Hybrid” emblem resides. Even without that, the 10-arm turbine design wheels unique to the hybrid model gives the game away.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. The A6 Hybrid is powered by a combination of the 2.0 TFSI engine and an electric motor with 40 kW and 211 Nm. The latter is powered by lithium-ion batteries, and the car is capable of running in pure EV mode for up to 3 km at 60 km/h.

The TFSI engine has a displacement of 1,984 cc, which falls below the 2.0 litre mark required for the government’s 100% exemption for both import duty and excise duty.

This could mean that the A6 Hybrid will be a relatively affordable way into the midsize premium segment, and significantly cheaper than the RM515,000 A6 3.0L TFSI quattro. The dual-powered A6 should comfortably undercut its hybrid counterparts from BMW, too – the RM538,800 ActiveHybrid 3 and RM648,800 ActiveHybrid 5 are not eligible for hybrid incentives as they are built on the 335i and 535i respectively and are powered by the same 3.0 litre engine as their non-hybrid brethren.

Click here to see more of the current A6, in 3.0 TFSI quattro form.