Malaysians who wish to apply for a B2 motorcycle licence can now do so at a reduced cost with the help of the BL1M (Bantuan Lesen 1 Malaysia) programme. Instead of paying an average of RM380 before, first time applicants are able to obtain a full B2 category (for bikes under 250 cc) licence for RM199.

The lowered fee includes the complete package of driving lessons, theory and practical tests at Road Transport Department (RTD)-approved driving institutes, as well as the licence application fee and photograph. Amusingly, the programme also allows applicants who happen to fail the computerised theory exam to retake the test a further two times at no extra charge.

BL1M is open to all Malaysians aged between 17 and 40 years old who do not hold any driving licence of any class as of January 1, 2013, so current drivers who wish to take up riding need not apply. The new government initiative is targeted at 500,000 eligible Malaysian citizens.

Local online portal MyEG Services has been appointed as the sole manager for the BL1M programme. To receive the discount, applicants are required to fill up an online registration form here, and submit the completed form along with Money Order made to MY E.G. Services Berhad (cash payment is not accepted), to the UMNO Office or the Component Parties in your own parliamental area.

Take note, however, that the registration for BL1M is only open for two weeks starting from February 1, so be sure to make good of this initiative before the end of next week!

So there you go boys and girls, no more excuses for riding around without a licence, okay?