Is this the production all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis? We think so, as the car in these mystery pics looks showroom ready and without any flashy concept car-style detailing.

If this is indeed the production next-gen Corolla Altis, then it’s largely similar to what we had in mind – an image created by the Toyota Corolla Furia Concept from the 2013 Detroit show and the subsequent renderings by our friend Theophilus Chin.

Less showy and flamboyant than the Furia Concept, of course, this white car wears a V-shape headlamp-grille design that we’ve already seen on the latest Toyota Auris hatchback. There’s also neat integration of the LED daytime running lights in the headlamp module. And as previewed by the Furia, the bottom window line has a unique upsweep at the end.

At the back, some would be disappointed that Toyota went one step too conventional here compared to the Furia’s rear end, which had sharp and long wraparound tail lamps, but perhaps more sizable and visible lamps were needed for safety reasons.

The part where the outer edge of the lights merge with the sedan’s character line (gently rises from the front before a sharp plunge) has been retained, though, and a chrome strip has been added above the number plate. Those sensibly sized wheels look quite refreshing, too.

Click here to see Detroit’s Corolla Furia Concept. We’ve attached selected pics of it, plus Theo’s renderings below alongside the two leaked pics. Nice? No? What do you think?