For a diesel-loving continent such as Europe, it is indeed news to learn that annual sales of Toyota hybrids there surpassed 100,000 units last year for the first time, according to Automotive News Europe. Demand rose 29% to 109,478 compared with 2011.

Of this figure, Toyota sold 83,699 hybrids and Lexus sold 25,779. Lexus said its hybrids made up 90% of its total western European sales last year, the report further states.

It has taken Toyota and Lexus 12 years (since the first-gen Prius went on sale) to breach the 100,000 unit hybrid sales mark in Europe, a feat they achieved in five years in the US. Last year, their combined hybrid sales topped 325,000 last year in the States.

Hybrids made up 13% of total European sales for Toyota and Lexus in 2012. In the US, they accounted for about 15% of the brands’ total volume in that year.