Another special vehicle registration plate has come about – the introduction of the IM4U plate was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over the weekend. The plate has been introduced in conjuction with the 1Malaysia For Youth movement, with the objective of it helping to raise funds to support the movement’s activities.

The special series will have the usual run of 9,999 numbers, with bookings to be available online through dedicated website

Reports indicate that aside from an open bidding for 68 premium registration numbers – which will be handled by the Road Transport Department (RTD) – as well as certain exclusive numbers, the other numbers in the series will be up for sale at a fixed price to be confirmed through the website beginning March 10. Najib is set to get the IM4U 11 plate, 11 being his favourite number, it was reported.

The registration numbers are open to be bought by anyone eligible to register a vehicle in their name, though no exchange of ownership is allowed. The plate cannot be registered in Langkawi or Labuan, unlike previously with the G1M plate. The highest bid secures a number in the case of more than one bid received.