Automobili Lamborghini turns 50 this year and they’re celebrating it in style. Trust the Italians to create a spectacle and with this special limited edition Veneno, colour us mesmerised. Only three will be made, each priced at a cool €3 million (around RM12 million) plus taxes. And before you call your financial manager, all three have already been spoken for. Too bad then, better luck in 50 years’ time.

The Veneno is named after a fighting bull in Spain that shot to fame by killing a famous bullfighter in 1914. That giant-killing fame is reflected by the Venano’s appearance too. From the large, independently customisable front and rear wings to the motorsport-inspired centre fin tail, it looks every bit like a Le Mans prototype racing machine for the road.

With arrow-shaped front end and razor-sharp intersecting lines, there’s no hiding that this is a Lamborghini. It carries all the brand’s hallmarks too, such as the scissor doors, angular front and rear light clusters with prominent Y-shaped elements plus of course, the classic teardrop shape.


A plethora of body openings, all immaculately stylised to be as effective as they are dramatic, takes care of engine cooling while generating sufficient downforce. The wheels, 20-inches up front and 21-inches at the rear, are also designed with aerodynamic functionality in mind, providing additional cooling for the carbon-ceramic brakes.

The Lamborghini Veneno is based on the Aventador but gets 750 hp and racecar aerodynamics. The 6.5 litre V12 engine has been stroked to produce 50 hp more than in Lambo’s flagship hypercar, benefiting from bigger air intakes, a higher rev limit and an upgraded exhaust system.

Driving through the Aventador-sourced seven-speed ISR single-clutch sequential gearbox feeding the AWD drivetrain, the 1,450 kg Veneno hits 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 355 km/h. No question whether it has the performance to match its looks then.


Lamborghini claims that outright speed takes a back seat in the Veneno’s focused quest for optimum aerodynamics and cornering stability, as it is said to offer the real dynamic experience of a racing prototype, yet it is fully homologated for the road.

The Veneno uses a more extreme version of the Aventador’s racing-inspired in-board pushrod suspension with horizontal springs and dampers. The lightweight full carbonfibre monocoque chassis makes an appearance as well, as do Lamborghini-patented materials such as Forged Composite and CarbonSkin in the car’s interior.

The car shown here is Lamborgini’s own test prototype with a model number 0, which will continue testing on road and track before the final production versions are readied for the three lucky owners.

Unfortunately the unique Italian flag-themed grey livery will not make production, with the three customer cars each painted in green, red or white. Oh well, at least instead of saying “I’ve got a red Veneno”, one of the owners will be telling others “I’ve got the red one.”