Tushek Forego T700

You’re looking at the exotic Tushek Forego T700, which will be Tushek Supercars‘ second product when it launches sometime this year. The Slovenian sledgehammer will reportedly draw around 700 hp from an Audi FSI V8. Carbon fibre and titanium construction means it will weigh just about a tonne, so that’s a 700 hp per tonne power-to-weight ratio.

And it seems straight-line speed’s not the only thing on the agenda either – company founder and racing driver Aljosa Tushek has told Autocar UK that the new car will be able to pull up to a stomach-churning 3.3g in the corners.

Introduced last year, the Tushek Renovatio T500 is the firm’s first and currently its only product. The roadster packs 444 hp and 428 Nm of torque, also from an Audi V8 (specifically the 4.2 litre unit from the B7 RS4). Tushek has told Autocar that only 30 units will be built, after which the company will start focusing on the T700.

Slovenia’s first supercar does the century sprint in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed in excess of 300 km/h; unsurprisingly, the new T700 is expected to be marginally quicker.