Renault-Ross Lovegrove concept

Renault and Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove have teamed up to unveil a concept car at the Triennale of Milano early next month. The vehicle is said to “underline Renault’s Design strategy.”

The images don’t divulge much, save for the fact that the Renault-Ross Lovegrove concept takes more than a few design elements from nature. We’re no botanists, but we can see what appears to be flower-inspired fog lamps as well as wheels.

According to Renault, Ross Lovegrove and his studio intends to “reveal nature’s underlying blueprints and transfer them into a new design language,” and “bring awareness and understanding of those phenomena and their current impact.”

We’re no designers either, but if these pictures are anything to go by, we can’t wait to see more of this fresh take on wheels.