Looks like Land Rover is going ahead with its extended reveal schedule for the second-generation Range Rover Sport, much like Rolls-Royce with its tiring six-week long Wraith tease-fest. Such a tease, these Brits!

For Land Rover, it’s just too bad that we’ve already seen the real thing in full. A second teaser video has just been revealed by the Gaydon company, showing the new Range Rover Sport arriving in New York, driving off the transport container and straight on to the Manhattan Bridge to get to downtown NYC.

The clip also showed glimpses of the car’s interior for the first time, most prominently its new digital meter cluster that’s previously reserved for the flagship Range Rover model. The top of the dash is very similar to the latest Range Rover, which in turn is close to the Evoque’s.

The full reveal is not too far away now. Enjoy the video and its glorious V8 soundtrack!