When Ferrari unveiled the LaFerrari to the world in Geneva last March, it sent shockwaves throughout the automotive world. Many were left flummoxed by the absurd name more than its performance figures however, as everyone had expected it to be electrifyingly quick. But that name, now that was unexpected.

Back to the performance, so far Ferrari has withheld the specifics of it, releasing estimates rather than exact figures. The 0-100 km/h time for instance, is promised to be under three seconds. There’s a reason behind the secrecy of course, as Ferrari is still fine-tuning it to make it just that little bit faster.

Very crucial in the finalisation process of what is to be the most capable road car ever is input from the most capable driver of recent years – the one and only Fernando Alonso. Just as Michael Schumacher was looped in to the Ferrari Enzo’s development, Alonso got his grubby hands on the LaFerrari.

Watch the clip above to see the double-Formula One world champion take Ferrari’s new ultimate hypercar to its limit around the Fiorano track. Excuse the sloppy video editing and obvious fast-forwarding though, as it’s hard to make a perfectly driven lap look exciting on camera. Had it been Luca Badoer at the wheel, we’re sure the footage would be a lot more amusing. Perfection has its price.