Youngman T5

The idea of a Proton SUV started off way back in 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show with the Lotus APX Concept. It was said to be built on the Lotus VVA platform and have a 300 horsepower supercharged 3.0L V6. These naturally aren’t numbers that are suitable for a Proton (too costly) but many dreamed of the idea that somehow Proton could equip the base platform and chassis with more modest equipment and sell it as a Proton. After all, Proton was missing an SUV in it’s line-up back then and is somehow still missing an SUV in it’s line-up today.

In 2010 it was announced that Proton had started a cooperation with Youngman to sell derivatives of the Proton GEN2 in China and supply engines to the Chinese company. The GEN2 hatch and Persona sedan did go on sale there, first with Proton designs and then later Youngman applied their own styling. In 2011, things got more interesting – we saw spyshots of an SUV that Youngman was developing based on the Proton GEN2 platform. Proton subsidiary Lotus Engineering was said to be helping them out with the development work.

Then in 2012, the Youngman T5 was unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show. It measured 4,508mm long, 1,782mm wide and 1,559mm tall, had a wheelbase of 2,730mm which is longer than the GEN2, and at that point of time, it was said that it will be powered by Proton’s 1.6 litre CPS engine. We did get a good collection of interior and exterior shots which you can check out at the original Beijing 2012 Youngman Lotus T5 story. It looked good and people began to fantasise about it sold here as a Proton, but things have been since then. The T5 has not gone on sale yet and has not even been added to Youngman’s website.

Youngman T5

Today, we’re bringing you live photos of the Youngman T5 from Auto Shanghai 2013, which we attended. It’s still pretty much the same car as what was unveiled in Beijing. Some Chinese automotive websites said the car will go on sale in China in April 2013, but that was the last piece of news back in February.

The 1.6 liter CPS engine is also looking less likely now, with Mitsubishi supplying the 4G93M VVT for Youngman’s more recent cars. We are checking out what they’re saying about the T5 from the Shanghai motorshow, but are not having much luck, which leads us to believe there’s nothing new to report, that’s why there are no reports.

We were also told at one point in time that Proton was considering using Youngman’s GEN2-based SUV to sell as a Proton SUV in Malaysia. In programming terms you could say that Youngman forked the GEN2 and modified it to become an SUV, and Proton wanted to backport the fork’s code changes back to the main branch. But nothing seems to have been announced officially so far in relation to that. Ditto the Exora-derived SUV which was called the Proton Lekiu Concept from KLIMS 2011.