Since there’s no official M Sport 3-Series in Malaysia on sale to date, the only way to get those little M badges all around your car is for you to retrofit. BMW Malaysia has made available package deals for F30 M Aerodynamic bodykit.


The F30 BMW 3 Series M Aerodynamic Kit retails for a package price of RM12,888, which is inclusive of installation charges. This is for the exterior bodykit only, which basically means the front and rear bumpers as well as side skirts.


If you wish to take it a step further, there’s also the F30 BMW 3 Series M Performance Aerodynamic Kit, which requires the M Aerodynamic Kit to be installed. This adds some contrasting carbon fibre bits and goes for RM8,188 including installation. This probably means going all the way to the M Performance kit from a car without it will require you to buy both packages.


The last piece of the pie is a black spoiler for the F30 which goes for RM1,135.

These packages are available at your authorised BMW dealer. Alternatively, there’s always parallel importers for such accessories but it’s a question mark whether your warranty will be affected.