About two months ago reports came out of Stuttgart, Germany of a cargo truck hit by mysterious light, lifting it clean off the road. The spooky incident was caught on a highway CCTV camera and the clip soon went viral on the Net. Further adding to the anomaly, the truck’s cargo disappeared during the cryptic episode.

Some time later a strange vehicle was filmed zooming past the Hengstacker Tunnel with great alacrity. Believed to be the truck’s missing cargo, the car in question appeared to be running away from yet another source of bright lights. Right, just what exactly is going on here?

A clever advertising enigma by PETRONAS Motorsports, as it turns out. The Malaysian company has just released a follow up video to the ones shown earlier (which you can watch below), depicting the mystery car – unveiled as a Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG – in the thick of the action as it zips through the city at night to evade an ominous extra-terresterial mother ship and its pursuing drones.

The car does does so with ease and elegance, and the footage ends with the car reversing into a garage, out of sight. The teaser also tells us to “Watch out for a new species”, which then gives way to the phrase Liquid and Metal. That clearly alludes to a technological alliance between PETRONAS and Mercedes-AMG, beyond the world of Formula One.

The same theme was also seen prominently at a public exhibit in the PETRONAS Twin Towers earlier this year, which featured an interactive screen that showed the powerful forces of ‘liquid’ and ‘metal’ in action (video included below). One can deduce that the two elements represent the fundamental core of PETRONAS and Mercedes-AMG – a killer combination.

These are all just teasers hinting at the official unveiling of the mystery project. Clever, huh? Wonder what’s coming next.