My my, what a surprise – our spy photographers CarPix have snapped the upcoming BMW M235i Coupe almost completely undisguised, save for a bit of black cloth covering the rear. Looking at the amount of people as well as the jig arms around this red M235i, I’d say there was some kind of photography or videography session going on.

Even though the 2-Series range will replace the 1-Series Coupe and Convertible, the new 2-Series looks like it shares nothing in common with the new 1-Series on the exterior. This is not a 1-Series with a boot – the headlamps are slimmer, and the front end is sharper. It does share a similar interior with the 1-Series though, as we’ve seen in a previous spyshot.

This is the top of the range BMW M Performance M235i version of the car, which will share what’s under the hood of the M135i, a 320 horsepower version of BMW’s turbocharged 3.0 litre 6-cylinder N55 engine. You can spot the blue-painted big calipers behind the spokes of the M alloys.

It’s turning out to be a good looking car. We also notice it’s missing some of the latest BMW design elements such as that feature where the exposed sides of the kidney grilles meet the headlamps. There’s a little M badge on the fender instead of an air vent as seen on the 4-Series and the 3-Series GT.

If they’re already taking professional shots of what looks like a production car, the launch must be just around the corner.