Here’s one for gaming fans out there: Gran Turismo 6 has been announced for the PlayStation 3 and is set to be launched by the end of this year. The news came at an event celebrating the racing simulator’s 15th anniversary. Has it really been that long since we played the first Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation? Time flies when we’re having fun.

It’s a bit odd that the sixth instalment of Sony’s console series’ best-selling franchise won’t debut on the brand new PS4, which is due real soon. Then again, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi likes to work at his own pace. We had to wait a long five years to play a GT game on the PS3, and it looks like it’ll be the same story again for the next-generation console.

Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3 will feature a new rendering engine that pushes the limits of the machine for even more photo-realistic graphics, as well as more cars (1,200 at launch, with more to come through DLC packs), 33 locations and 71 layouts (seven and 19 more than GT5 respectively, including the revamped Silverstone circuit in the screenshots).

Gameplay will be different too with new aerodynamics, tyre, suspension and kinematics model with technical contributions from Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive. Lots of other updates are also in store, including a new user interface with shorter load times. A demo version will be available in July, with the full game closer to the holiday season. Excited yet?