01 Driven+ for iPhoneWe know that you’ve been asking for it ever since Issue #0, so here it is. Presenting Driven+ Magazine Issue #2 for iPhone and iPod Touch devices that run on iOS 5 and above. We hear you, Android-phone users; yours is coming soon.

Take note that the layout of the iPhone version – and the coming-soon Android-phone version – isn’t anything like the ones you get on the tablet.

For starters, we’ve locked the orientation to portrait because that’s the most natural way to use a phone. Rest it on your four-fingers and you’ll be able to thumb though the stories and pictures – it is more intuitive this way.

Next, we’ve removed a few of the interactivity found in the tablets. So, gone are the ‘+’ hot spots and the in-frame gallery. Remember that we needed to keep things simple.

As a result, overall legibility is much improved, which makes for a more pleasant reading experience.

We hope you like the iPhone version and do tell us what you think. Please send constructive criticism and plenty of praises to letters@driven.com.my. Best letter of the month may receive a gift.

Apple Newsstand Link: Driven+ Magazine Issue #2 May 2013 for Apple iPad
Google Play Link: Driven+ Magazine Issue #2 May 2013 for Android tablets