These latest batch of spyshots of the upcoming two door coupe version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class reveals more details on how the successor to the C216 CL-Class will look like, and best part of all we have a glimpse into the interior as well.

From the image above we can see that the front end will have a similiar nose to the SLS AMG and CLS-Class – slightly retro-looking with a large Mercedes-Benz star in the middle and a single horizontal thick bar going across the grille.


The rear view of the new S-Class Coupe shows a further departure from the sedan’s looks. When it came to the W221 versus the C216, both cars had tail lamps that flanked the boot lid, though the elements were shaped quite differently.

For the new C217, we can see from the spyshots that it will have tail lamps that extend onto the boot lid area, which is quite different from the new W222, which by the way was conveniently captured next to the new S-Class Coupe in the shot above.


We also get a glimpse into the interior, which reveals a look generally pretty similiar to the S-Class sedan interior but with some differences. For one, the round clock in between the center air conditioning vents is now gone. The steering wheel has three spokes instead of two.

The entire area surrounding the air cond vents has been replaced with leather instead of wood panelling, which is a different that we saw in the previous generation of both cars as well.