On my way to Perodua’s press conference yesterday evening, I saw a trailer carrying several Mercedes-Benz B-Class cars exiting the Rawang PLUS toll booth on the opposite direction. Thought nothing of it, but as I went past the toll gate, a second truck was spotted with some yet to be launched cargo. Hazards on, Nikon ready, here are the results.

UPDATE: The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been officially launched in Malaysia. Read our launch report and view the pics here.

It should be of no surprise to readers of this site that the W176 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is coming soon, thanks to previous rounds of spyshots and an official teaser by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. We hear that it will debut by the end of this month, but these fully uncovered shots reveal how the Malaysian-spec A, specifically the top dog A 250 Sport, will look like.

Compared to the A 200 (naked spyshots from last month here) and even a base A 250, the A 250 Sport wears a more aggressive rear bumper with vertical slats at the extreme ends that emphasise width. There’s a red accent strip within the rear diffuser, above the twin pipes, that match a similar line on the front lip. We don’t have a front-end shot, but the grille of the A250 Sport should be the dazzling, studded “3D” diamond-style grille with a single slat.


The cars we see here (grey, white and black) wear delicious looking 18-inch star-spoke alloys that shield red-painted brake calipers at both ends. Sport badges adorn the front wings. Expect a black interior with carbon-style trim and red accents in the cabin, like this.

An AMG Sport pack can actually dress up the A 200 to look like this, with front/rear bumpers and side skirts bringing the look closer to the A 250 Sport, but the A 200 (at point of launch, at least) is unlikely to feature this. Its interior should be an Urban equipment line, with a crystal grey/black-based interior.

It’s unfortunate and somewhat inevitable that those who do what we do, our team at least, tend to look at new metal as “just another new car” (we look at cars 18 hours in a day!) but the A-Class doesn’t fall into that category, for me. Colleagues Anthony and Hafriz like the small Benz, and I can’t wait to try it!

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