When the Audi A6 Hybrid was first launched in February 2013, the car was given a base price of RM280k OTR without insurance, with Comfort Key as a RM3k option and a reverse camera as an RM5k option.

However, the car came with a standard sound system and while a BOSE sound system was talked about at launch, there wasn’t a price given. Sales advisors that we spoke to at that time said the first few batches would only have Comfort Key and reverse camera options and the BOSE sound system option would only be coming later. At that point of time, the regular A6 2.0 TFSI could be upgraded to a B&O system.

Well, for those that want a better sound system to accompany the silence that the A6 Hybrid affords can now specify it – the Bose sound system option is officially priced at RM5k. This means a fully loaded Audi A6 Hybrid will now cost RM293k, still well below any of it’s competition.

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