The faeclifted Kia Sportage loses some disguise since the last time we saw it earlier this month, as it continues hot climate testing in the USA.

Before you think that that new grille in the image above is new because it’s different from the one available in Malaysia and Europe, it’s not. That’s what the US market Sportage SX’s grille looks like, a sportier look to match that model’s 260 horsepower 2.0 litre turbocharged engine. There are actually two different Sportages in this photo set and the other seems to be wearing a new grille.

We also noticed that these two Sportages have two different alloy wheel designs – both are of the double spoke type of design but the space between the spokes are different. The wheel design is quite a departure from the ‘flat and shiny’ design that the current Sportage wears. We also expect some changes in the tail lamp design since it’s covered up.