The BMW i3 has been sighted again by our spy photographers SB-Medien. The grey one we’ve seen before, but there’s also a silver one this time, and if you look closely you can spot some differences between the two cars, other than the most obvious which is the exterior colour and the alloy wheel design.

Although the headlamps are half covered by blue camo tape, it’s obvious these two cars have two different headlamp designs. The silver car has what appears to be lower spec headlamps – they look like regular halogen reflector ones. The grey car had LED headlamps, with the glow of the daytime running lights at the bottom of the headlamp peeking through the camo.

Another difference we spotted is an additional lid below the A-pillar on the grey car that can’t be found on the silver car. We’re guessing the grey car is an i3 with a range extender engine, which means the extra filler cap is probably for petrol or diesel, depending on what the production car’s range extender engine is fuelled by, while the filler on the rear that both cars share in common is for the charger port to plug into.


Another thing that really stood out to us was despite the huge wheel circumference and the low profile of the tyres on the i3, it seemed to have tyres that were 30% narrower than usual. Designed in the spirit of better fuel efficiency, perhaps?