Car enthusiasts are very tribal in nature. Much like supporters of football clubs, what they support (or drive in this case) is the best, and all else is rubbish. Not everyone is so extreme, but I believe you get what I mean – there’s a long-running Japan vs Korea proxy war going on in our comments section, for one.

So it is good to hear that “The Meet-Up @ Renault” gathering organised by TC Euro Cars last Saturday (July 6) was attended by car enthusiasts from all makes. The get together saw 130 people head down to the Renault’s showroom in Petaling Jaya, where local food was served and a race simulator contest by Master Genius was held.

Among those who attended were members of the Lancer GT Club, Italia Auto, Mazda MPS club, Honda Civic Type R, Mini Club Malaysia and Volkswagen Club Malaysia. Of course, Renault Sport’s own RS Collectif Owners Club showed up in full force.

The Renault Fluence Z.E electric car was available for test drive and we’re sure some would have thrown lustful glances at the Megane RS 265. We hope that the four-wheel partners they came with didn’t sulk and refuse to function in protest!