Yesterday we featured the highly ambitious Minerva J.M. Brabazon hybrid V12 supercar project, and today comes yet another announcement of a high-performance vehicle attempt by an obscure company. This time news comes by the way of a new British outfit, all set to unveil the Bluebird DC50 electric sports car and GTL Formula E race car.

Bluebird isn’t a brand per se, rather the chosen name for all of Sir Malcolm Campbell and his son Donald Campbell’s world speed record-breaking vehicles. Between the two, they had set 11 speed records on water and 10 on land, all accomplished with the Bluebird name. Now run by Campbell Sr’s grandson Don Wales, Bluebird has world-beating heritage at its side.


The Bluebird DC50 (Donald Campbell 50, commemorating the years past since his double land and water speed records) will be a two-door coupe with electrically operated scissor doors. Only 50 will be made, all painted in Bluebird blue. A 320 km range is claimed, and with peak power of up to 360 hp it’s said to have “acceleration to match a Porsche”. A Boxster or a 918 Spyder, you take a guess.

To be launched simultaneously at the Sustainable MotoExpo at the end of September will be the Bluebird GTL electric race car. Designed to the latest technical regulations for the forthcoming FIA Formula E series, the GTL is Bluebird’s ‘vision’ for the all-electric global race series due to start in 2014.