Aston Martin turns 100 this year, and recently held the largest gathering of its cars in London as part of its year-long programme of centenary celebrations. Among the 550-strong vehicle display worth around £1 billion were two previously unseen models – these two one-off Aston Martin Zagato Centennial specials.

Both the Aston Martin DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial and DB9 Spyder Centennial are specially commissioned by the Gaydon factory and styled and made by Italian coachbuilder Zagato. Only one of each will ever be built – the two you see here – with the former made for an unnamed “young and prestigious Japanese entrepreneur” and the other for American car collector Peter Read.

The centennial specials have their standard Aston Martin overalls stripped down and replaced by bespoke Zagato-styled skin. They feature a unique mix of sharp angles and curves for an unmistakably Italian allure on top of the standard Aston Martins’ usual British appeal.


Based on the DBS (which has been replaced by the latest Vanquish), the DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial has the Milanese design house’ signature double bubble roof. Around the front the headlights are now integrated into the enlarged grille for a clean look that is reminiscent of old-school sports cars with pop-up lights.

The DB9 Spyder Centennial is much of the same but with a conventional canvas top in place of the fancy roof. Detail differences include customary amber turn lights on the US-bound car, plus side vents behind the front wheels. The more easy-going DB9 Volante forms the base for this open-top luxury GT.

Aston Martin and Zagato have had a long history of collaborations, starting from the DB4 GT Zagato from 1960 and the AM V8 Zagato in the Eighties. More recently we’ve seen the DB7 Zagato and its convertible sibling, the DB AR1 Zagato, before the Aston Martin V12 Zagato came to light just last year.