For those who are excited about this new Italian entry into the 5 Series/E-Class segment, here’s a mega gallery of the upcoming Maserati Ghibli for you.

There’s plenty of pix to see – multiple exterior colours as well as different interior combinations, with plenty of photos zooming into details such as the seats, dashboard clock and instrument panel.

Don’t expect the Trident badge to be as affordable as a 520i or an E200 CGI though when it eventually hits Malaysian soils (anytime towards the end of the year or the first half of next year) – there are no baseline engines with this car. Three engines were announced at the car’s Shanghai 2013 unveiling – two 3.0 litre turbo V6 petrols as well as a single diesel V6.

The less powerful of the V6 petrols already makes 330 hp and 500 Nm, which is 535i territory, so expect a 535i price tag too, and that’s about RM600k. The higher powered version of the V6 has outputs on the level of the 550i which isn’t sold here, probably equivalent to a RM700k-ish price segment.