Good news for existing and potential Peugeot 508 owners – Malaysian maps are finally available for the Peugeot 508’s GPS feature. The maps are supplied by Nokia’s Navteq subsidiary.

We’re told that the maps will be loaded into your car on your next service, and some Peugeot 508 owners have already got their maps loaded and shared photos of the feature in action on Facebook. These photos are thanks to Pumbaa E.

Here’s something we didn’t know – the route directions will also be displayed in colour on the pop-up heads-up display. And of course, you can have the same directions appear in the multi-info display in the instrument cluster.

We usually deactivate the heads-up display on our 508 as we don’t really find the speedometer function to be particularly useful, but now we’ll probably activate it again since the GPS can be used with it.