It’s memorable enough to see pictures of a car as beautiful as the Alfa Romeo 4C, but it’s something else altogether to watch it in motion. In the latest video of its new sports car, Alfa Romeo handed the keys to Marc Gené to drive around Madrid and give a random pedestrian a free ride.

The former Formula 1 driver and Le Mans 24 hour winner eventually picked up a man who, incidentally, was well dressed, rather good looking and just so happened to have no where important to be at. Yes Alfa, we believe it’s completely random.

Anyway, the pair went on to have a quick spin around town, before heading to a nearby racetrack to show off the 4C’s sporting capabilities. That done, the lucky (random) guy was greeted by a blonde woman posing by another 4C – because, that’s what happens to all Alfistis, right?

The second video below shows more of the actual lap, with the sub-900 kg mid-engined sports car cornering flat around Circuirto del Jarama. Unfortunately the English subtitles reads “it breaks a lot. It really breaks…” at the end of the 200 km/h straight. We’re pretty sure they meant brake, but you never know with Alfas :)