We all love one-stop shops, more so if you can be serviced at any time of the day, akin to 7-Eleven. Now, imagine such a store that provides essential services for your automotive needs. Wouldn’t it be good to have car financing, insurance and road tax renewal all under one roof that is available all the time?

Well, such a thing exists, and it’s called AmAUTOMate by AmBank. AmAUTOMate offers services such as online application for auto financing, of which there are a wide range of financial solutions such as Conventional and Islamic financing, insurance / takaful and credit card available. AmBank says that once you submit your online application, response will be swift, within 24 hours!

Want a lower monthly instalment or quick unlocking of cash reserves without additional financial commitment? Refinance your vehicle via AmAUTOMate. With AmAUTOMate, there are also useful tools such as the Refinancing Wizard that provides instant information on your vehicle’s market value, financing terms, insurance and road tax calculation. Keep your calculator, this is research made simple!


There’s more. You can also have your road tax and insurance / takaful renewal done immediately from the comfort and convenience of your home via AutoXpress online with next day delivery, or by physically going to selected On-The-Spot AmBank branches. The latter is a good and more comfortable alternative than going to the post office, which can be hard to find.

For your convenience, AmBank provides a wide range of payment channels, and you can make your payment via their extensive branch network, online banking, self-service machines and/or Standing Instruction easily.

Because most of these can be done online with AmAUTOMate; petrol, money and most crucially, time, is saved for the busy urbanite. The more old school among us can always pay a visit to On-The-Spot AmBank branches. Covering all essential auto services with both physical and online platforms, AmAUTOMate is truly the key to all your auto needs. Check out AmAUTOMate by AmBank here.