Vauxhall/Opel has let loose some images and details of the concept it’s bringing to Frankfurt next month. The Opel Monza concept previews the carmaker’s future design direction, and features cutting-edge LED projection instruments and infotainment.

A wide dashboard that sweeps from door to door is used as a surface on which information and decorative elements are projected. A total of 18 projectors create a continuous multi-functional display, which can be customised by the driver. Opel says this is a first for a car.


The Opel Monza concept features three ‘worlds’ of smartphone connectivity, called ME, US and ALL. ME virtually disconnects the driver’s phone and prioritises driving information. US enables passengers to connect with friends and family to chat, share information, music, pictures and so on. Finally, ALL allows the driver to connect with the outside world.

The gullwinged vehicle measures 4.69 metres long and 1.31 metres tall, and the carmaker is keen to draw attention to the centre-creased bonnet, large boomerang-shaped air intakes, chrome bar with Griffin badge, pillarless side profile and flowing lines, which it says are inspired by “ocean waves lapping on the shore.” There’s room for 500 litres’ worth of luggage, too.

The Opel Monza concept will couple electric drive with a new turbocharged 1.0 litre SIDI three-cylinder motor, which will also make its debut in Frankfurt. The internal combustion engine, which takes on the role of a range extender here, has been modified to run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

The regular petrol version, developing 115 hp and 166 Nm of torque, will see duty in the little Opel Adam next year, alongside a new, lightweight six-speed manual ‘box.