Here’s a case of measurable success. A year ago, Mazda began ramping up production of its SkyActiv engines to keep up with growing demand for its cars equipped with the new mills, doubling annual production volume at its Hiroshima plant from 400,000 units to 800,000.

That was in October last year. Now, the automaker has announced that its set to increase output capacity yet again – by the end of 2014, the plant will be able to churn out a million SkyActiv-G petrol and SkyActiv-D diesel engines.

To attain the increase in output, a new engine machining line will be installed in the existing engine plant, and an assembly line – which until now has been used exclusively to produce MZR 1.8 litre to 2.5 litre inline four-cylinder engines – will be revamped to offer mixed production with SkyActiv units.

Aside from Hiroshima, SkyActiv engines are also made in China at Changan Ford Mazda Engine; production began in June this year. In 2014, SkyActiv engines will also be built in Mexico, at Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico.