The Star Wars-themed Juke teased last week has been shown in full in Japan, where it’s named the Nissan Juke Personalized Package. It’s a rather underwhelming reveal, as there’s not much Star Wars in it at all, other than the Stormtroopers used in the marketing campaign.

Only in Japan, there’s now a new customisation programme available on the Juke. Check out the online configurator here, which includes interactive 3D models of the vehicle and a Stormtrooper. The latter changes colour according to the former’s colour and detail options, so it’s worth a look.

Built to commemorate the new campaign, the Juke 15RX Personalized Package boasts contrasting sport stripes, wing mirror covers, foglamp surrounds and rear deck wing. The special edition is available exclusively in Passion Red or Night Veil Purple, along with a colour-coded interior.

The TV commercial above shows a red Nissan Juke Personalize Package driving through a sea of plain white Stormtroopers, and ends with a bunch of the soldiers painting their armour red with white stripes, as ‘inspired’ by the crossover. Amusing.