tum ev taxi sketch

A break from Frankfurt with news about a prototype that will be heading to the Tokyo Motor Show in November. It’s an electric taxi prototype built by Singapore-based Tum Create, a joint electromobility project between Technische Universität München (TUM) and Nanyang Technological University.

The project, funded by the National Research Foundation, is housed at the NRF’s Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE), leading to the project’s name.

The electric taxi prototype is very much a showcase of the EV-based research and development carried out by the project. The design is also significant in that it will be the first time a Singaporean organisation will be exhibiting at the show.

tum ev line drawing

The EVA, as it has been badged, was designed from the ground-up as an e-taxi and is a result of interdisciplinary research in areas such as energy storage, battery charging, thermal management, and lightweight materials and design.

Novelties include a super-fast charging ability – the Tum Create team has apparently developed a battery pack that can be recharged in 15 minutes to achieve a realistic operating range of 200 km, this with the air conditioner switched on. The range is calculated based on data collected by the organisation’s researchers, who tracked driving patterns of Singaporean taxi drivers.

Tum Create says that it is aiming to address the issues of limited range and long recharge time of EVs, things that make them rather unsuitable for use as taxis. The project also seeks to find solutions to the unique challenges posed by the heat and humidity in tropical climates, where passenger cooling and battery pack heat management are very much issues. More on this one when Tokyo comes.