changan cs75 1

Though it’s very much aimed at the domestic market, Changan Automobile decided to give its Changan CS75 a global debut in Frankfurt last week. Might be that the company wanted to highlight the fact that the mid-size SUV was developed globally, with research and development input not just from China, but from its Italian and UK-based centres as well.

For the immediate future though, the CS75 – developed to a five-star China NCAP (C-NCAP) safety standard, according to its maker – is set to take the fight to the likes of BYD’s S6 in its domestic market.

changan cs75 2

It’ll be available in two petrol engine forms, a normally-aspirated 2.0 litre and a turbocharged 1.8 litre. Reports suggest an output of around 177 hp for the latter, which will be paired to a six-speed auto ‘box.

The reports also indicate that the projected annual sales volume domestically for the CS75 will be around 30,000 units, this by 2015. No indication as to whether the globally-designed offering will be offered globally.