“Journeys always bring the family closer together”

Happiness should be experienced, not achieved, and family is an essential element of that. It isn’t perfection, nor is it having all you’ve ever wanted. It’s an internal experience – peace, calm, comfort, gratitude, laughter, love, joy and many more. More often than not, it’s as simple as embracing the good stuff and letting go of everything else.

The recently launched new Nissan Grand Livina seven-seater MPV offers all that, and more. It’s the five doors to happiness with your family.

“Life is a journey we take together and every seat that’s filled is a blessing”

Life is a journey, not a destination, as it is often said. Malaysians spend a lot of time on the move, and very little time stationary. What better way to bond with the people that matter, than in an affordable family car that everyone can enjoy?

Edaran Tan Chong Motor’s official TVC for the new MPV, titled Happiness in Motion, focuses on that very point, that happiness is all around you and connecting to your family, be it your kids or extended family members, and the journey of it all, is of paramount importance.

They create a forward momentum and gentle sway, relaxing families into the moment of happiness. Unforgettable family moments are not those that are engineered, it’s those calming and soothing moments together that fills the heart and brings a reassurance like no other.

“Your children are children only once. Cherish every moment with them”

Watch the “Gadgets” video above and you’ll see a familiar scene prevalent in today’s wired society – kids engrossed in their digital device. So into it they are, that dad is ignored when he tries to start a conversation, only managing to get their attention via instant messaging. Fortunately, the children still know the joys of a road trip, and the beauty of family time in the great outdoors.

Tech simplifies lives, and enhances connectivity among us. Ironically, as technology advances with time, we succumb to the consequence of detachment with the real world. How many of you have smartphones or devices that you carry with you everywhere? Do you feel compelled to check it every few minutes? Can’t live without it? Describes many of us, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s time to trade the smilies on the phone screen for real smiles from the people we love, starting with our families. The new Nissan Grand Livina is an avenue for family gathering and bonding, an outlet to channel love for all. It’s the perfect entry to the pursuit of happiness.