mitsubishi gc-phev

Mitsubishi is set to unveil three concept vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, and the debutants will be led by the Concept GC-PHEV, which will preview a next-generation, full-size SUV from the automaker, which will likely be the new Pajero.

The Concept Grand Cruiser, as it’s known as, will feature a high output plug-in hybrid electric vehicle system as well as the company’s S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) integrated vehicle dynamic control system. Also to be found on the all-terrain design study is a host of wireless-based next-gen preventive safety and driver support technologies.

mitsubishi tms premieres

It’ll be joined by the Concept XR-PHEV, otherwise known as the Crossover Runner, which is another PHEV-based SUV take, but one dressed in a more compact form and with a body style resembling that of a sports coupe – we might be looking at the new ASX in this case.

Then, there’s the Concept AR – the Active Runabout is a next-generation compact MPV which Mitsu says offers both the mobility of an SUV and the occupant space of an MPV. The vehicle, which is likely to preview the next-gen Grandis, is also set to showcase a downsized direct-injection turbocharged engine. More on the trio as it gets closer to Tokyo.