Tesla Model S-05

If you think BMW being the top selling car brand in Singapore is an oddity, this is even stranger. The number one selling car in Norway for the month of September 2013 is an electric car. And it’s not a small one like a Peugeot iOn (rebadged Mitsubishi i-MIEV) or a Nissan Leaf – Norway’s best selling car in September is the Tesla Model S!

The Tesla Model S displaced the Volkswagen Golf to the number two spot at 616 units versus 561 units. The Golf has been Norway’s best selling car, but of course it remains the top seller year to date at 5,593 units and has been for the past few years.

Granted, the Model S sales performance is most likely due to the fact that two years worth of orders are being delivered now, but then again Norway has always had a penchant for electric cars, with the Nissan Leaf coming in at second place for the month of April this year.

Tesla Model S-09

Norway is a world leader in electric car sales per capita, thanks to government support in terms of tax breaks and usage benefits. Electric car drivers get zero VAT, electric car only car parks, and get usage of bus lanes. As many as 200 charging points are installed in capital city Oslo every year.

To put things into perspective, according to an Automotive News Europe report, a Model S is priced from US$110,000 in Norway, where a typical combustion engine car with the equivalent size and performance would cost up to US$330,000. A BMW 5-Series priced around the Model S has a weaker basic engine. Demand for the Model S is so high that owners are able to sell their cars on the second hand market for premiums of up to US$20,000.

The Tesla Model S is a 100% electric four door car powered by an electric motor. It’s wheelbase of 2,959 mm puts it in the 5-Series/E-Class segment. Its electric motor produces 416 hp and 600 Nm of torque, sending all that power to the rear wheels through a single speed fixed gear transmission.

The 85 kWh version of the 2,108 kg premium EV can go up to 500 km on the NEDC cycle, while the 60 kWh version can travel 375 km on a charge. The 416 hp motor takes it from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. It’s a five-seater, but can take on two extra kids with two rear-facing seats in the ‘boot’.