proton gen2

Some news about Proton, from Australia – the Proton Gen.2 has picked up more kudos; the car, in its GX variant form, has been named by New South Wales motoring association NRMA (National Roads and Motorists’ Association) as the country’s ‘least expensive small car under AUD$35k to own and run’ in its annual study of vehicle operating costs.

The Gen.2 headed the top 10 list in the category for the second year in a row. Six of the top ten cars nominated in this segment were Protons – aside from the Gen.2, variants of which were placed first, second, fourth and seventh, the Persona Elegance was also in the list, in third (manual) and sixth (auto).

The NRMA study listed the GX 1.6 five-speed manual variant, the class choice, as costing AUD$115.73 (RM346) per week to operate (fuel costs included), using 40.12 Australian cents (RM1.19) for every kilometre travelled. The automatic version of the GX costs AUD$128.28 (RM384) to operate on a weekly basis.

proton gen2 class

The overall champion in frugalness, meanwhile, was the Mitsubishi Mirage ES, the ‘light cars under AUD$20k’ pick – the 1.2 litre five-speed hatchback costs AUD$93.29 (RM279) to operate weekly.

The results for the NRMA survey were calculated based on annual travelling distance of 15,000 km over a five-year private ownership period, in New South Wales. The pricing formula covers all costs of owning and running a vehicle including vehicle purchase price, depreciation, registration, comprehensive insurance, servicing, repairs, average fuel costs as well as the cost of NRMA membership.

With rising fuel prices and increased pressure on household budgets, the study by the NRMA is aimed at assisting buyers in making informed vehicle purchasing decisions, by providing a snapshot of the real cost of vehicle ownership and running costs.