suzuki crosshiker concept

Suzuki will be premiering a number of concepts at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show, and the Crosshiker concept will be one member of the pack. The automaker says that the compact crossover study is an alternative take on the Regina compact hatch concept seen at the 2011 show.

Some elements of the Regina find their way on to the two-door Crosshiker – the current debutant utilises the same next-generation lightweight platform, and the company says the vehicle inherits the Regina’s philosophy of being “eco-friendly on the inside, while having a design with personality.”

The Crosshiker weighs in at 810 kg, 80 kg more than the Regina, but it also wears a slightly larger displacement mill, in this case a newly-developed 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine. Suzuki hasn’t revealed the output figures, nor mentioned if the mill is turbocharged (the 800 cc unit in the Regina was) – debut time at the show should answer that.