Here’s one for the dog lovers out there. Volkswagen UK is launching its first range-wide advertising campaign starring not just the cars, but 36 upcoming stars. Yes, three dozen dogs appear in this latest ad campaign.

Created by ad agency adam&eveDDB, ‘There’s a Volkswagen for all of us’ uses a breed of dog to represent each VW model. Touareg SUV ownership is like having that big St. Bernard at home, ever ready to pull you out of trouble. The sporty Scirocco is like a speedy Greyhound, you get the drift.

The multi-media campaign will appear on UK television, and the dogs will also feature in print, online, outdoor including digital outdoor, cinema, and social media with the hashtag #woofwagen. All ads aim to drive eyeballs to a new page on Volkswagen’s UK website, which shows a range of dogs in place of cars. Very cute, unless you’re not a friend of man’s best friend.

“It’s easy to promote a single Volkswagen, but to convey the sheer breadth of our range of over 20 cars was quite a challenge. We had great fun matching dogs to cars and the filming was like nothing I’ve ever done before. The dogs were fantastic and we hope this ad puts a smile on people’s faces,” said Nikki Pates, Volkswagen’s communications manager.

Both the ad and the behind-the-scenes clip did the trick for us, so share this if it brought a smile to your face. Are there enough variety of cats to do a feline version of this ad? Peugeot? :)