Toyota FCV Concept Tokyo 11a

The Toyota FCV Concept made its world debut earlier today at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. The four-seater Fuel Cell Vehicle study previews an actual hydrogen-powered car the automaker is planning to bring into the market in two years time.

The 4.87 metre-long FCV (it’s 45 mm longer than a Camry) has an operating range of at least 500 km, and refueling time is claimed to be as low as three minutes, about the same time it takes to tank up a regular petrol-powered vehicle.

It’s powered by the company’s proprietary small, lightweight 3 kW/l fuel cell stack and two 70mPa high-pressure hydrogen tanks, which is located beneath the specially-designed body.

Toyota says the current FC stack, with a power output of around 100 kW, offers twice as much power output density as the current stack found in the FCHC-adv concept. The FC system is also equipped with a high-efficiency boost converter. Fully fueled, the FCV is able to provide enough electricity – around 10 kW/h – to power an average Japanese home for more than a week.