Toyota JPN Taxi Tokyo 3

This is Toyota’s interpretation of what the next-generation Japanese taxi could well look like – the JPN Taxi Concept, which made its world debut in Tokyo, resembles more London black cab than the ubiquitous Crown Comfort plying the trade.

Which is a good thing for a taxi, really. Its height means that ingress and egress to the cabin is an easy affair, and lends the interior a comfortable level of spaciousness. Dimensions-wise, the study measures in at 4,350 mm long, 1,700 m tall and 1,695 mm wide, with a 2,750 mm-long wheelbase.

Powered by a LPG hybrid system offering environmental performance for taxi driving patterns, features include an electrically-operated sliding rear door on the passenger side and a low, flat floor to aid the boarding and exiting process. Inside, there’s a large monitor displaying information such as the route and fare to passengers, so there’s no need to crane one’s neck to attempt to monitor the tariff as one rolls along.

The design, created in line with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s promotion of barrier-free buses as well as taxis tailored to regional needs, looks rather novel – maybe one day in the future, it’ll be a familiar sight on Tokyo streets.