2013 Tokyo Motor Show

The Nissan GT-R has been around for quite some time now, but while it largely looks the same, Nissan has been making continuous updates under the hood. The Nissan GT-R Nismo was not the only new GT-R shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

The 2014 model year GT-R facelift gets quite a few updates. In terms of suspension, there are revised settings designed to reduce load fluctuation between the four wheels, giving better stability and more consistent grip. More constant tyre contact is achieved by optimised electronic control of the shock-absorber valves, as well as modified front stabiliser spring rates and updated bush link. These improve ride on rough roads.

An additional benefit is improved straight-line stability, with fewer small steering corrections needed to maintain the correct trajectory during highway driving.

Nissan GT-R FL TMS-15

The GT-R is now fitted standard with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT tires. They are 255/40ZRF20 (97Y) at the front and 285/35ZRF20 (100Y) at the rear. Braking calibration has been retuned for a more firm, linear response at everyday speeds. The steering has also been fine-tuned to reduce the effort required for in-town maneuvers.

On the exterior, the headlamps are now powered by multiple LED units that create a ‘lightning’ motif. There are four high beam units and three low beam units. They are also equipped with Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) that automatically adapts the angle of the light beam according to the speed of the car.

At highway speeds, actuators in the headlight unit adjust the angle of the projectors to project the light further. There have also been updates to the four circle tail lamp design.