oerlikon hybrid amt

An alternative to DCT is on the cards. Transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano has unveiled details of its new OGeco hybrid six-speed automated manual transmission, which it says will be more cost effective, lighter and efficient than DCT alternatives.

The hybrid unit, designed for high performance vehicles with a transaxle transmission configuration, is suitable for front- and rear-wheel drive applications. Design elements include a two-speed electric motor transmission solution enabled by a twin-shaft AMT layout.

The company says that despite increased low speed comfort, there’s no compromise on rapid shift times and responsiveness during spirited driving, with smooth shifting at low to medium vehicle performance matching current DCT expectations. Meanwhile, the transition to high-performance is enabled by significant torque infill to reduce shift shock.

The OGeco transmission isn’t yet ready for deployment though – it’s due to be trialed in a front-engined, rear-wheel drive high-performance demonstrator vehicle in early 2014. The production vehicle will be equipped with an OGeco prototype transmission, electric motor and ancillaries by Vocis, fitting into the space previously occupied by a seven-speed DCT.